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As an Experience Designer, Stephen collaborates with stakeholders on design research, information architecture, through interaction and visual design for services and software.

Understanding People

Stephen is expert at balancing complex findings from design research activities with understandable design and communication methods to convey valuable, actionable design considerations to clients across industries.

Communicating Narratives

Stephen’s excellent critical thinking skills assist his clients in framing and defining their greatest challenges. From a clear starting point and a comprehensive understanding of client issues and goals, he is able explore possibilities and produce elegant and innovative solutions.

Designing Outcomes

He partners with clients in a collaborative environment and spends time to understand their motivations, capabilities, and needs. The understanding that results from this type of partnership helps focus the objectives of the project, leading to better results.

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  • 15+ years experience in strategic- and solution-design environments
  • Full skill set to create, mentor, coach, and guide from concept to solution through a human-centered design process
  • Strong ability to communicate with customers and stakeholders in order to learn and solve for their true problems
  • Committed to designing experiences that cultivate intelligent, effective, and happy people

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