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I attended an event held at Villa Julie College (now Stevenson University) where an hour long message was presented by designer Nessim Higson. His presentation was straightforward, commenting primarily to the graphic design student body. Admission was open to the public, a.k.a. myself, so I did notice a good amount of professionals there as well. Regardless, the message applied to each discipline and age groups.

To start Nessim explained his journey through school, workplace, and where he is today by presenting some of his work and narrating his process through life thus far. It was refreshing to hear of his experiences as they are similar to what most of us have or will go through. He stressed the importance of finding purpose in your own personal work, as you will not find true meaning through your day to day endeavors in a corporate environment. His intention was not to discount enterprise, but to encourage personal aspiration.

There were several key points expressed that grabbed my attention:

  • What is it in your life that you wish to aspire to?
  • Have fun with what you are doing and make yourself happy.
  • Say something with your work through a personal idea or message.
  • Do not forget you are communicating a message.

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Stephen is an experience designer in Portland, Oregon who collaborates with stakeholders on design research, information architecture, through interaction and visual design for services and software.