Follow the Line

Follow the Line

A thought came to me while I was driving home. Somehow this correlated to design, but I don’t ask myself why I think of such things, I just type them down.

While I was driving down a usual back road, a dim light starting peering over the hill. Sure enough there was a car on its way toward me. As the their light began to brighten, I found myself turning my head to the right to find the white line on the roadside.

When my eyes found the white line, I remembered something that my father told me when driving in certain situations like this. He said,

“When your vision is being blocked by oncoming traffic, use the white line on the road side to be your guide.”

Of course now my brain was just trying to compute the relevance of the previous statement. Then I compared what I just said to design. This may be my unnoticed trend. My comparison led me to this thought,

“When your vision is being blocked by creative challenges, use the fundamentals of design to be your guide.”

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The Author

Stephen is an experience designer in Portland, Oregon who collaborates with stakeholders on design research, information architecture, through interaction and visual design for services and software.