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Future-Banking Competition by


“Seeking smart ideas, applications, gadgets, products or services provided by the bank that aim to support and enhance customers’ experience in relation to the branch experience or their digital day-to-day and life planning bank transactions; or that surprise and inspire them in a positive manner.”

2014 Future Banking International Design Competition

Concept Team

Teams were formed within our studio to turn around a simple concept in nine days. Team members: Andy McDonald, Steve Williams, Danielle Traitz, Justin Wear, Sean Hunt

Smart Wallet Storyboarding

Read about this concept project on designboom.

Smart Wallet: Currently People Feel Overwhelmed
Currently People Feel Overwhelmed
Smart Wallet: Meet Regina
Meet Regina
Smart Wallet: Bike Fund
Bike Fund
Smart Wallet: Early Adulthood
Early Adulthood
Smart Wallet: Adulthood
Smart Wallet: Midlife
Smart Wallet: Mature Adulthood
Mature Adulthood
Smart Wallet: Generation to Generation
Generation to Generation

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